Coconut Crab
Coconut Crab

Coconut Crab


3-Foot LegsanEdit


4.1 Kilograms (9.01lbs)

Scientific Name: Birgus Latro

The Coconut Crab, Birgus Latro is a species of a terrestrial Hermit Crab.and is probably at the upper size limit of Terrestrial Animals with exoskeletons earth athmosphere 4.1 Kilograms (9.0lbs). They are Large and Edible too.they are the largest terrestrial arthrophod in the world.they are closely related to hermit crabs and can be found in pacific ocean and indian ocean.the pinchers of the creatures are so strong the can even break a coconut with their pinchers.The coconut crab is the only species of the Genus Birgus, and is related to the terrestrial Hermit Crabs of the genus Coenobita.

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